Top 3 Design Tips For Your Flyers

By | January 10, 2016

Take your flyer from the ‘ho-hum’ to the ‘Wow’ with these great design tips for unforgettable flyers. Great design can turn your leaflet into your bet advertisement yet!

  1. Have a Great Headline

A great headline can make the difference between your flyer being read and remembered or consigned to oblivion. Be creative, be punchy, ask questions, or use a touch of humour – anything that will make you stand out from the crowd. After all, that’s what you want your leaflet to do for you. A great headline creates a ‘read on’ moment that will make your flyer memorable. For example:

‘Gold Coast Computer Repairs & Software Consultants’ isn’t a bad headline, but it does lack a certain sense of excitement. ‘Computer Wizards at Your Service’ is cheeky and might even raise a smile, especially if you theme the rest of your design around magic and wizardry. A few ‘Kazams’ later, and you’ve embedded yourself in your potential client’s memory.

  1. Use Colour to Set the Mood   Color

A lot of the colour psychology blogs we read online are oversimplified, but one thing is certain, colour does set the scene. Bright, vibrant colours create a vibey, fresh mood, and if that’s what you want your brand to get across, use them!

Other businesses need a more conservative yet elegant design. Black and white with a few touches of gold or royal purple screams elegance and luxury much louder than you ever could. Combine it with the right fonts, and consider using great quality paper with a touch of texture.

But don’t get too crazy. Too many colour changes or an overly busy background will make your pamphlet difficult to read. At the same time, being a little different to your competitors definitely doesn’t hurt. If just about everyone in your industry uses certain colours in their branding and advertising, it’s worth playing around with a few different ideas to set yourself apart.

  1. Make it look gorgeous

Here’s a challenge: create a flyer that looks so great, folks will want to keep looking at it. There are lots of ways to do this. Use simple but attractive patterns, choose a retro look with a dark background and white text, or select stunning images. Use the basic aesthetic principles of line, rhythm, colour and texture to turn your flier into an artwork – you can even do this with just two colours.

Another great idea to make your flyer stand out is to break away from the classic ‘boxy’ shapes for your text areas. Choose a diamond, a circle, or a heart-shaped field, keep the text to a minimum and use the rest of your space for attractive imagery or patterns. Make it look so good that people will want to stick it up on their fridge door (if not frame it).

For inspiration, you can look at some of the great advertising artworks of yesteryear, or suss out some of the edgier, modern advertising designs.

  1. A call-to-action or offer  Mountain Skier Colorful Winter Sport Flyer Design Template

People need to see ‘what’s in it for them’, what are they going to get from your flyer. It helps to have a great offer to entice people to pick up the phone or come to your store. People love free stuff and discounts!

It’s worth taking the time (or getting a designer)

A ‘blah’ pamphlet isn’t going to get much more than a glance – unless your recipient is very bored or happens to need a business like yours right now. Consider investing in a single, really brilliant flier design with ‘wow’ factor. You’ll find it makes all the difference. No-one wants to throw away something beautiful, or something that makes them laugh (in the right way, of course). Impact is more important than information. As long as people can see what you do by looking at your pamphlet, they’ll be in touch for more info when they need you, provided the kept your flyer. That depends on your design!

And most of all remember less is best when it comes to your flyer 🙂

We hope this has been a helpful article when it comes to designing your flyer. We offer full graphic design and printing services should you need some assistance. The printing usually takes about 3 working days depending on the quantity of leaflets you require. Whether it be printing for the Gold Coast or Tweed Coast we’ve got you covered!

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